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    The growing demand for more fuel-efficient vehicles to reduce energy consumption and air pollution has made Al-alloys very attractive for light-weight automotive applications. Various Al-alloys with high strength stiffness to weight ratio, good formability, good corrosion and recycling potential compete and replace heavier materials in the car. Age-hardenable Al-Mg-Si alloys are used for visible outer car body panels. As these alloys develop certain surface topographies (waviness) after plastic deformation which can be visible after painting, a quantitative measurement of the surface topography is required.

    The present work will focus upon the study of 6xxx Al-alloys for outer car body panels with high requirements of the surface quality. A quantitative correlation between surface irregularities of different types (e.g. Roping, surface roughening, some short wave and long wave phenomena etc.) and corresponding spatial wavelengths is needed. Next, a correlation with final surface appearance of visible auto parts should be made.


    • Gain knowledge on existing qualitative and quantitative measurement methods to characterize the surface topography after deformation
    • Correlate various surface characteristics with their origin. Classify them to corresponding topography parameters
    • Link them to final painted surface appearance

    Vereiste kwalificaties

    • Master degree from a university or a technical institute, in the fields of Materials Science / Metallurgy / Materials Physics or Physics with a major in Solid-State Physics or Metal Physics or Mechanical Engineering with a interest in Materials Science, Materials Engineering or Optics
    • Working place will be mainly located either at your University or at Aleris Innovation Center Duffel where you are going to be introduced and investigations will be performed.
    • You should be able to set independently goals. Analytical, proactive, systematic and team-oriented work approach. Decisiveness and flexibility are one of your strengths.
    • You have good English language skills in writing and speaking.

    Ons aanbod

    • We would like the student to start in January and depending on whether it would be an internship or a thesis the length would vary (3 to 6 months approximately).



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