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    Aluminum is strong, lightweight, durable, flexible, extremely versatile, impermeable, corrosion resistant, an excellent conductor of electricity, non-magnetic, non- combustible, an abundant element in the earth’s crust and infinitely recyclable. Aluminum has unlimited potential to be part of the solutions that help society progress. It’s all about enabling the freedom of people and companies to create a better future by realizing the freedom aluminum provides.


    The utilization of aluminum alloys in automotive industry gradually increases owing to their high formability, mechanical properties and lightness, as well as intensive research and development in this field. Nevertheless there are still many challenges. New alloy developments and improvements of existing variants are necessary to extend the usage of high strength aluminum alloys in automotive industry. R&D Department’s role starts from developing a new product and continues until the feedback from first user and plans the improvements according to these feedbacks.

    High strength 7000-series aluminum alloys have been developed and in use in aerospace for decades. Aleris has been doing research and development to make these alloys more useful and specific also for automotive applications. Design of Experiment consisting various 7xxx aluminum alloys has been created and test matrix has been defined. All test materials are available in Duffel.


    • Investigation of various 7xxx Al-alloys and study the influence of alloying elements on final properties by carrying out mechanical tests and microstructural analysis
    • Test program must be designed and coordinated
    • Execution of the lab–tests
    • Provide input and support engineering for internal meetings
    • Evaluation and documentation of all results

    Vereiste kwalificaties

    • Studies in the field of engineering, preferably in metallurgy or materials science
    • Disciplinary work with motivation
    • Very good verbal and written communication skills
    • Independent and exact way of working. Analytical, proactive, systematic and team-oriented work approach.
    • Good level of English, writing and speaking
    • Good Microsoft Office skills

    Ons aanbod

    • Duration 3-6 months


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